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Is TRIFEXIS safe for your pets?

As veterinarians, veterinary nurses, and veterinary hospital staff members we have dedicated our entire careers to helping keep pets healthy and care for them when they become ill.  We do not prescribe medications, supplements, diets, or other interventions that we believe will cause harm to our patients.  The assertion by the recent Indianapolis Star article that we in the animal health services community are somehow driven by greed or willful ignorance to prescribe “dangerous” medications is baseless and patently offensive.

     Losing a pet to illness or injury is understandably traumatic and difficult, especially when death or severe illness is unexpected and ultimately unexplained, and we sympathize with anyone who has had to go through such an experience.   The recent Indianapolis Star articles are classic cases of sensationalism, inaccuracy, incompleteness, and the spinning of sad situations into predetermined conclusions with littleto no basis in actual fact.

    We rec…