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Clark Bassett, DVM

Have you met this owner yet?
 Dr. Bassett is a lifelong resident of Central Indiana. He grew up in Anderson, then attended Purdue University. He graduated from Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. After graduation, Dr. Bassett practiced in Eastern Iowa and worked on many different kinds of animals (dogs, cats, cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, etc.). In 1991, he returned to Indianapolis and began a career in emergency practice that continues to this day. He was manager of the Animal Emergency Clinic in Castleton from 1995-1998 and director of the Northwood Veterinary Emergency Practice in Anderson from 1998-2002, where he continued to work part-time as a staff veterinarian until 2013. Since starting the Hazel Dell Animal Hospital with Dr. McDaniel in 2002, Dr. Bassett has worked primarily in general practice, providing medical and surgical care to dogs and cats and other assorted small furry creatures.
Dr. Bassett is a resident of Carmel, where he lives with his wife Jill (a perso…

How much do you know about Fleas?

Fleas can be a big problem!  That picture is gross, right? Most of us know that fleas are no fun. But once you get them in your house, do you really know what to do in order to get rid of them? As there are four stages of the flea life cycle, you must be sure to manage all of them in order to keep fleas at bay.  Let's go over the Flea Life Cycle.

The flea egg is deposited by the female and usually fall to the ground or carpet once laid. They usually will hatch within 1-12 days and make up about 50 percent of the infestation.  The larvae stage for fleas can be tricky as they are pretty small. They can hid in crevices and cracks located within the home. When vacuuming, one must definitely pay attention to the areas that your pet stays the most; like bedding or spots on the floor where they lay. You must also be sure not to leave the residue in your vacuum or the fleas can get out. We recommend a bag-less vacuum that you can wash the canister once dumped out and take the trash bags …