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Dental Month

      February is National Dental Month for your pets.
 Let us tell you a little bit more about what it looks like in February here!

Hazel Dell participates in dental month and this can benefit you and your pet in many ways. 

You may have been told that your pet has a varying degree of Dental Disease or Tartar at your last appointment. What does this really mean for you and your pet? 
Those who have already or do schedule their pet's Dental Procedure during this month do receive a discount.

Hazel Dell Animal Hospital

The whole month of February 2017

Dental care is a topic that you need to think about throughout the life of your dog. Though each pet will have different needs when it comes to the care of their teeth, the typical pet needs a teeth cleaning every 1-3 years. The most helpful way to combat dental disease is to brush your pet's teeth every day to every other day. Imagine what would happen to your teeth if you did not brush them for a year or two! We do have handouts that show you how to introduce brushing of the teeth and our Technicians would be happy to show you as well.

The staff at Hazel Dell will help from the front office staff, to the nurses, to the Veterinarians. This means that when you come in you will be greeted by Dee Ann or Kayla. You will then talk with one of our nurses to get your pet's history. When the doctors do their exam, if it is determined that your pet needs a dental, then you would schedule a teeth cleaning.
One saying is that your pet's ride in would be the most dangerous part of their day. To ensure that this is the case, we recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork before your pets Teeth Cleaning is performed. This is to determine if your pet is safe for anesthesia. On the day of the clenain, we have 2 nurses with your pet throughout the entire procedure, one to clean and the other to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, temperature, and breathing. Then one nurse will stay with your pet while they are recovering in order to remove the endotracheal tube and be sure that he or she is recovering well. Then your pet will go home at the end of the day with fresher breath and better kisses for you when they get home.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our dental procedure or would like to
schedule an appointment for us to check out their teeth or to schedule the dental.  
We do not want your pet to suffer from dental disease because
your pet is important too! 


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